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We specialize in solving stormwater and water 
resource problems by leveraging and acquiring supplemental
grant and legislative funding for our clients.

Experiencing shrinking revenues and an over-stressed budget? Now is the time to seek grant funding.

Cape Canaveral Scientific, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary writing and research firm specializing in solving stormwater and water resource problems through the acquisition of grant funding and legislative appropriations.  We also aggressively secure land acquisition funding for conservation and multi-use purposes. Our firm has an un-matched 95% track record success for grant funding acquisition. Our portfolio ranges from public sector and non-profit entities to profit organizations seeking innovative technology or land restoration grants. CCS’s accomplishments are defined and sustained by the positive results experienced by our clientele.  Our firm also provides ecological research and assessment services in marine, freshwater and terrestrial systems.  We are dedicated to excellence, and in return, we establish valuable and lasting business relationships with our clients.


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